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This deviation was deleted

When looking at the picture, it lets the eye wander all over. Not only is there action in just the water, but within the splashes, the colours from the Pepsi can be seen bouncing about. The details on the can are not disturbed, and there isn't any glare either. The vision on this is phenomenal to say in the least.
As for originality... Though there are some advertisements a little like this with other objects, it still makes me thirst for a Pepsi. Combining the soft drink with water should make one crave for a soda... And seeing that this is the first Pepsi commercial like that, I'm impressed.
With the way that this had been shot, and that there is nothing disturbing the background to cause a superfluous background, it is extremely well done.
This has caused me to become thirsty enough to get up and drink a few glasses of water.... Very well done, my good man.
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juniorimaginations Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you thank you thank you very much for the compliment and the honest critque! it took a few tries but i got it working though! thank you again for your time to write this out and i will take to heart what you have told me and it definitly inspires me to improve and do better in my next set of photos!
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